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Conexa fan strive to become the leader in the supplying fans in building and industry. We have designed, tested and put extra safety factor in every design of our products.

The best Original equipment products manufacturer or component-partners are also supporting our products and it will be the best design and trustable products to be used.

All Conexa products are covered with warranty, strong technical backup and spares. Conexa Fans provide value-added service in the area of sales, repair commisioning and training. 

The sectors in which Conexa Fan cover include high rise buildings, malls, factories, hospitals and many others. Conexa Fan's range also very diverse, Conexa Fans have broad range of products such as Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, EC motor Fans, ETC.

Axial Fans

Belt-driven centrifugal fans

Cabinet Fans

ceiling cassette Fans

Centrifugal inline

jet fans

Mixed flow fans

plug fans

propeller fans

wall fans

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